Development of E-commerce that works

Internet shopping has long since stopped being anything surprising or out of common. Every year, this branch of business is steadily gaining momentum and becomes more and more promising. Doing commerce on the web has become easy, simple and lucrative, but to adhere to it, one must first create one’s own web store. The company 1top1 is eager to help You do it correctly and competently, providing a regular flow of customers and, consequently, a constantly growing revenue.

We offer

The development of a web store is a laborious task, demanding skill and knowledge. Which we happen to have. Our team of professionals, including seo specialists, will not only help You create a trade space for internet commerce, but also optimize and promote the website and attract customers.

Thanks to a systematic approach, and the engagement of several specialists in one project, we deliver a comfortable and fully-functional web store in the shortest delay.

The key to a successful web store

We know the main principles in the development of trade space on the web, and follow them meticulously:

– selling design – the site must not only be visually appealing, but also user-friendly. Our understanding of consumer psychology and our knowledge of the demands in web-design, allow us to guarantee the achievement of the sought-after result;

– stable functioning – website operation failures are unacceptable, as they will dissuade potential customers, diverting them towards the competition. We will provide the required technical support and the seamless functioning of Your website;

– structure – a great role in the success of the website belongs to the navigation, as inconsistent categories, lack of goods sorting and complicated search will have a negative effect on sales. We develop and carefully plan the architecture of the store from the very fists stages, which allows us not to miss any subtle detail;

– competent marketing – the development of the web store is only the first step towards successful sales. A clear plan of marketing actions is necessary, which includes seo site promotion, mailing list, context advertizing etc. A plan that we canl help create and make a reality;

– service – any sort of trade cannot be successful without high level of service. We organize an efficient feedback system, which will allow You to quickly react to any queries, remarks and positive reports from Your customers.


The company 1top1 is engaged in web store development, ensuring its high quality and reliable technical support to our customers. We will help you make the first step towards a successful and lucrative business. Our systematic approach to work, strict following of deadlines, professionalism and competent task distribution allow us to offer you a trading space, ready for sales in just a few weeks after the start of the project.

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