In 2015 the Yandex search engine is still on the top of the list on the Russian territory, supplying 60% of demands from consumers of internet services.

The particularities of website promotion on Yandex

Lately, resource promotion on this search engine raises a lot of questions. Problems arise daily, and, in most cases, promoting a website on it is becoming increasingly difficult due to newest emerging search algorithms. This brings about a huge number of mistakes and inaccuracies when the website is promoted by inexperienced users, leading consequently to penalties and sanctions on behalf of the search engine, as well as filter blockages. Some users even claim that the search engine is simply ignoring all the external links, as the same keywords can bring a resource to the top results on Google, yet be completely absent from Yandex.

However, there is nothing to fear. Experienced seo specialists and professionals in this sphere can easily overcome all of the subtle obstacles inherent to the promotion in this system and bring the website to the first page of the results. There is nothing hyper complicated about it, the Yandex system promotion simply requires a different approach, than the other search systems. And the 1TOP1 knows how to do it.

What do we offer?

We guarantee each client proper service, an individual approach to resolving the problem and achieving the required result. Being aimed at results and building lasting relationships with our client is a priority in our work. We can quickly increase the amount of interested users on Your site to the max, and bring it to the top 10 of the Yandex results.

Our service list includes:

– seo website analysis. Having analysed the concrete field in the specific thematic or region we will have the possibility to anticipate the approximate time and budget as well as make a clear plan of work with the resource;

– content filling. We will pick the key queries and fill all the pages with unique content in accordance to all demands. This will allow forming a loyal user attitude towards Your company and incline them to collaborate with You;

– internal optimization. We will adapt every page to any giver request, accelerate page loading time, perform relinking, redirections set-up and more;

– external optimization. The presence of links on external web pages is a substantial investment into a successful site promotion. We will pick the maximum amount of authoritative resources for a natural growth of link mass.;

– usability analysis. We will set up the structure of the resourse in such a way that it would be available, simple and understandable to any visitor.

Removing Yandex sanctions

If your resource has been filter blocked by Yandex, we will run a detailed analysis all of the possible reasons and factors that have provoked it. We will restore the website’s position and will supply You with a list of recommendations, that will allow avoiding this situation in the future.


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