Basic tariff plans.

The cost of the package may vary, depending on the actual needs of the customer.

  • SEO Start
    Simple and fast beginning
  • 200/month
  • Initial data analysis
    On-site optimisation
    5 keywords
    Report at the end of the month
    In the cost of the service is included one hour of consultation. The company's specialists will perform an initial analysis of the content and give clear recommendations.
  • Indicated:
    for start up
    new e-commerces
  • SEO Pro
    For small and medium-sized enterprises
  • 400/month
  • Full data analysis
    On-site optimisation
    Competitors analysis
    20 keywords
    Report at the end of the month
    Forecast for the next month
    In the cost of service is included the consulting and the basic analytic training. We perform a complete analysis of your content and study your competitors, we give concrete recommendations.
  • Indicated
    for most companies
    online shops
  • SEO Power
    Investments in the future
  • 550/month
  • SEO Pro + included
    Semantics extended
    Behavioral factors
    50 keywords
    Contextual advertising
    The price includes the basic training in the analytics. We carry out a full analysis of the competition, we create models of behavioral factors, optimization and work with SMM.
  • Indicated:
    for fast growth
    big players
    highly competitive positions
  • SEO Super
    First lines in research
  • 800/month
  • Included the SEO Power +
    Working with socials
    Enhanced optimisation
    Dynamic analysis of the market
    Strategic recommendations
    The most comprehensive range of services, when we guarantee the rapid and qualitative growth in all major queries. Qualitative growth of the amount of backlinks, dynamic analysis of the actions of competitors, with a continuous adaptation and responsiveness.
  • Completest package:
    We guarantee
    rapid growth in the positions
    for difficult keywords